1) Clothing | Discarding

| Since we moved in, my spare room has always been, “the dumping ground”.


This space is my dressing room, office, study, snug and guest room. Tom would snort at these names and has previously (appropriately) called it, “The Shit Tip”. Filled to the brim with clothes, papers, pens, suitcases and even the odd ladder, this room seriously is, the junk room. Our wardrobe spreads across one wall. However our clothes that belong in the wardrobe are just thrown wherever there is space at the time. Somewhere under all those clothes and junk is a sofa bed and maybe even a cat or two.

Clothes are always something that I have had a lot of. I used to shrug it off as, “what woman doesn’t have this many clothes?”.  My wardrobe (or floor-drobe) is so vast, it never wholly fits in the wardrobe neatly and there are things in there I haven’t worn in years. Clothes are the first hurdle to tackle in the KonMari guide and Marie Kondo suggests that this must be anyone’s starting point. It trains you to defrentiate as to what brings you joy and what does not.

“By starting with the easy things first and leaving the hardest till last, you can gradually hone your decision-making skills, so that, the end, it seems simple.”

Marie Kondo

It seemed pretty daunting opening up my wardrobe and being presented with this:


So, as Marie Kondo says, I pulled it all out into piles. Knowing that there was even more clothes in my car and bedroom, I collected everything and added it to the Kilimanjaro sized pile. Sitting with my back against the wall, I was lost for words. I’d pulled things out that had labels on, probably £100s worth of brand new clothes, some in sizes I’d not been in years. Humiliating.

I felt like crying. How could this early on in the process, I felt like a failure. This was too much work, why did I even start?

Nope. I looked back at my post titled “Visualising the Destination” and I reminded myself WHY I’m doing this. The visualisation stage is vital, I would have fallen at the first hurdle had I not of done this already. If you’re reading this post and you haven’t visualised, go back, do it.

2 hours later, I had gone through all of my clothing. I subcategorised my clothing as Marie Kondo suggested –

  • Tops (shirts, sweaters, etc.)
  • Bottoms (trousers, skirts, etc.)
  • Clothes that should be hung (jackets, coats, suits, etc.)
  • Socks and tights
  • Underwear
  • Handbags, etc.
  • Extra items (scarves, belts, hats, etc.)
  • Clothes for specific events (swimsuits, skiing, uniform, etc.)
  • Shoes

Following this subcategory list made the clothing pile seem much less daunting and before I knew it, I was actually enjoying the discarding stage and keeping joy in my life.

When I was halfway through discarding underwear, I stood up and looked at 10 black bin bags, stuffed full of clothes that no longer bought me joy. It worried me that when it was all gone, I’d regret getting rid of it all as I’d have nothing left!

“You might fear that you’ll have no clothes left if you use this standard. But don’t worry. It may seem as if you have discarded an awful lot, but as long as you are choosing clothes that give you pleasure, you’ll be left with the amount you need.”

Marie Kondo

I know that I’d followed Marie Kondo’s method exactly. Even though I felt pretty crackers, I had run my hands across all my clothing items, one by one, deciding if the item bought me joy, having a connection with it. If it did not bring me joy, I would thank it (in my mind, not out loud), appreciate it, then discard it. I had faith in the method after reading the book, I had to believe what Marie Kondo said, I was invested in this.


  1. I can totally relate – I’m new to the Konmaria method and its nice seeing reading other people thoughts about it!


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