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Hey there clutterbugs (and KonMari enthusiasts)! My name is Lo and this is my blog surrounding my journey to a clutter free happy lifestyle.

I first came across the KonMari method of tidying when my very rude other half, Tom, decided that enough was enough and my stuff needed to be purged.

I’ve never been very tidy, like ever. When Tom and I bought our first home together in 2015, we made a pact that our home would be mess free whilst being ‘lived in’. Come nearly 3 years later, lived in = bomb site. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my house and to a planned visitor, the surface of the house would look pretty good. To an unplanned visitor, digging into cupboards and the dreaded, junk room, my house was a mess. I know that I have a lot of belongings and generally just a lot of junk. Of course, I’ve cleaned and tidied before, very very regularly, but 3 days later, I’m back to square one. I’m left thinking, “where do I even start?” and “what am I doing wrong?”. Tom and I rarely argue, when we do it’s usually because of my messy habits. I knew that one day, a day very soon, this would have to change.

The change came when Tom came home, on a usual work day and tossed an Amazon package in my direction. This in itself was pretty unusual as Mr Tightass, as he can be known, would never buy gifts, “just because”, there is always an ulterior motive. This occasion appeared to be no different, the ulterior motive soon became clear.

“The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo was what I unwrapped. Lost for words, How dare he? I needed to read a book on tidying up? Is this boy for real? I was hurt. That’s the honest truth.

We’re that couple that just shrugs off these things, so I left it. Not worth an argument. He was surely joking. It wasn’t until a few days later that my seemingly triweekly tidy came around. Throwing clean clothes onto an already built “to-put-away-mountain” in the spare room, running around collecting glasses to load the dishwasher, rummaging around in the cupboard for loo roll, the mop bucket, the bleach, only to find that all of these items were in places I didn’t even realise I had used them last. Enough. Why is nothing simple? Why do I make more work for myself? Do it properly once and it will be easy to maintain, surely? Sitting down, that day, at around 2pm. I did not move from the sofa until 10pm. That was 8 solid hours of reading about the Kon Mari method. What is this madness? I rarely read anyway, but to read a book about tidying?! What was happening to me? Tom comes home from work, notices what I’m reading and walks around with a smug look on his face. Yep, he won this one.

By 9pm the next day, I’d read the whole book from cover to cover. I even went on to buy “Spark Joy”, Marie Kondo’s second book, Kindle edition for 99p! So, I was ready.

But hey, what better way to monitor my progress but to write about it as I go along? This blog is where I am going to share my thoughts and feelings about the KonMari method as well as my (hopefully) new found glory!

It would be great to hear back from some other KonMari fanatics so please leave a comment on some of my posts with your feedback and words of advice. I can also be contacted by using the “Contact” page on this blog.

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Happy de-cluttering!

Lo x