The KonMari Method

Marie Kondo - The Life Changing Magic of TidyingI’ve finished the book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying” by Marie Kondo and I’m excited to get started on this journey!

The idea is primarily that you throw out everything that doesn’t spark Joy, (“the discarding stage”) then go on to arrange and organise your belongings in a particular way. It’s important to follow the list that Marie Kondo suggests in the exact order. Sounds easy right? Nope, It’s much more complicated than it sounds. If you are interested in using the KonMari method, then this is how I’ve digested it so far:

  1. Visualise your destination. I will dedicate a whole blog post to this. Marie says that we must visualise and dream about the end goal including asking ourselves WHY we are doing this. Then ask WHY again, and again, until the visualisation is perfected.
  2. Focus on one category at a time, not one room. In the book there is a list of categories: Clothing, Books, Komono and Sentimental. The order must be followed exactly, even if this means moving room to room without actually making any progress in one particular room.
  3. Get everything out. I’ve told Tom that our home will probably get messier before it gets better! This is because Marie Kondo says that EVERYTHING from the category must be placed together so I can see them. This will involve collecting coats from my wardrobe, cloakroom, work, car and my mums house.
  4. Start with discarding and keep only what sparks joy. I shouldn’t worry about storage yet. I have so many under bed storage boxes and other storage solutions – I potentially will not need anymore once I have got rid of the items that do not bring me Joy.
  5. Make this a special event, not a chore. Marie Kondo suggests that this event needs to be done quickly and not dragged out excessively over weeks/months.

It would be hard for anyone to follow the KonMari de-cluttering journey just by reading my blog, so I recommend that you go pick up a copy of “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying” available here.

Now, I must admit that I find some of Marie Kondo’s ideas a bit wacky and unrealistic – I mean, who is going to empty their bag every day? Remove your purse, glasses, everything and put in a box under your bed, to rest, before placing it back in the same bag tomorrow…? I will take as much of Marie Kondo’s ideas on board and work to her method as close as I can – until I feel like I’m going a little insane.




  1. Great blog, I would just like to know how do you make time everyday to stick with the methods along with your everyday life. I want to commit to this but not sure how without stopping my whole life… if you know what i mean?!


    • Have you read the book? You really need to before you get started!
      Essentially – You do the KonMari method ONCE and then it’s so easy to keep up with. I can tidy my whole house in about 15 minutes – even if it looks a mess, 15 minutes later and it’s done! Keeping on top of it is key! You won’t even realise you’re tidying half the time.
      Good luck! X


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